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Fight Club : Members Only

Fight Club : Members Only
 145 minutes

Director: Vikram Chopra

The story follows four friends, Vicky, Karan, Somil and Dikku. The four love hanging out, late night partying and drinking booze. One night, they witness a physical brawl, and Vicky comes up with the idea of making a "Fight Club", in which the participants will be allowed to fight physically non-stop. When Mohit, a college youngster, enters the club and takes part in a fight, he ends up beating his opponent severely to critical condition. After being stopped by Vicky, Mohit attacks him, to which response Vicky throws him out of the club. Mohit then arrives with his friend Dinesh to get revenge, however Mohit once again beaten up, now by the whole group. Soon enough, Mohit is slyly murdered. The blame goes to Vicky and his friends, and Dinesh and his brother Sandy find out about this, and plan to finish off all the group of the Fight Club owners. However, Fight Club is raided and then shut down by the police. Soon enough, Mohit's older brother, Anna finds out about this incident, and plans to backfire with his whole crew. In response, the four friends hire Vicky's former college rival Sameer as a bouncer.


Yeh khuda , Chhore ki baatein , Fight Club , Bolo na tum zara , Chhoren ki baatein (Remix) , Yeh khuda (Remix) , Bolo na tum zara (Remix)

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