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Mere Jeevan Saathi

Mere Jeevan Saathi
 129 minutes

Director: Suneel Darshan

Vicky, Natasha, and Anjali used to study in the same college in India and knew each other. While Vicky only loved Anjali, he was unaware that Natasha loved him with all her heart. Natasha did manage to bag a date with Vicky, however, she could not keep the appointment as her dad was killed that very same day in an automobile accident. Years later, Vicky and Anjali are very much in love, and Vicky makes a living as a rock-star. Vicky's career gets a boost when he is invited to the U.S. to meet the owner of Angel Music, who are interested in sponsoring him in a major way. He travels to U.S. and it is here that he meets with the owner - none other than Natasha herself. Their meeting is passionately spent in bed for that one night. The next day, Natasha is quite sure that Vicky is in love with her. She even follows him back to India, only to find out that Vicky had had only a one night stand with her, and is still in love with Anjali. This knowledge does not deter Natasha at all, for she knows that when she sets her mind to get something, she ends up getting it - no matter what.


Tumko Dulhan Banayenge , Tum Bin Na Hum Jee Sakenge , Deewani , Mere Jeevan Saathi , Har Taraf Aapki Tasveer , Ek Masoom Sa , Mashooqa

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